Your Challenge Today:

Begin to live new today!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



Only when we are no longer afraid

do we begin to live.

~ Dorothy Thompson



We can often get into a situation where we compromise ourselves and stifle our spirit. While it is true that we do need to compromise in life to live with others, we compromise at home with our families, compromise at work with our colleagues, compromise socially with our friends ~ all of this is necessary to live in a world with others. However, when we are living a life full of compromise without really satisfying our spirit ~ we begin to stifle our own personal growth and this can eat away at our health. Feeding our soul and spirit is as important as feeding our bodies.



If you had no fear  ~

What would you be doing?

Where would you go?

What is your next big adventure?



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