Weekly Challenge:

Set yourself up for success…

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Learning is the beginning of wealth.

Learning is the beginning of health.

Learning is the beginning of spirituality.

Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.

~ Jim Rohn



Now is the time to learn more about ourselves and our motivation for health. Let’s begin with our SMART GOALS for this game and our Living Fit Lifestyle.  Get out your pen & paper or your i-Pad, however you are comfortable taking notes and get busy — get organize and make some SMART GOALS for this game period!


This game period is 4 weeks and our lifestyle stays with us for our lifetime!  Choosing a Living Fit Lifestyle is just that — a choice.  And, that choice is one we make time and again when we get stressed, are hungry, travel,  and go out with friends and family.  We are challenged daily with a multitude of choices that can either support our Living Fit Lifestyle choice or not.


It is unrealistic to think that we will make the best choice 100% of the time, which is why this game has built in ‘cheat meals’ each week, 3 – we get 3 meals each week to have whatever we want and stay on plan. We need to take a break from our work, workout, ‘diet’ and chores — decompress a little, right?  The goal of this game is to help us become more aware of the choices that we are making everyday, that either support our health or not. We want to improve our awareness about our habits and create more mindfulness in our days. When we begin to see the behaviors, that can potentially be destructive over time, we are better able to change them.  Our goal is consistency in healthy choices, the most supportive thing we can do for ourselves.



Living Fit Game - Smarter Goals
The objective of the game is to create sustainable habits that will support a long healthy life and there are several components:




  • Living Fit food plan — enjoying well-balanced meals from our list of ‘whole real food’ at regular intervals to ensure that we are optimizing our metabolism.


  • Water — drinking 2-3 liters of pure water everyday — forgetting the juice, soda, diet drinks and limiting the adult beverages to 2 days a week!


  • Exercise — minimum 30 minutes a day for a minimum of 180 minutes each week — do your very best and work up to more without overdoing it!


  • Sleep — the most under rated healthy habit in modern times — we need to recharge our batteries, 6-8 hours sleep each night.


  • Communication — is an essential element in every good relationship and we need healthy relationships to thrive in this world.


  • Gratitude — an attitude of gratitude is essential to a healthy spirit. The more grateful you are for what you have the better you feel, take a look around…



Living Fit Game - Smarter GoalsMake your SMART GOALS on any area of life that you wish to work on 

SET yourself up for SUCCESS — with these helpful steps:



Choose your top 3 goals to focus on for the duration of this game! And, give some thought to the PLAN that will ensure your success!


Align your goals with your core values – set a goal that is meaningful for you and is in alignment with your personal beliefs and character.


Share your goal with at least 3-5 people that are willing to hold you accountable to your goals. This is where your team and the Living Fit Lifestyle Family come in. When you share your goal with the community, you are putting your commitment on the line. Your teammates are perfect for this task!


Establish a support system! Where can you go for inspiration, support, encouragement and advice and feedback?  We at HQ are here to help, there are many recipes on the site to help and the Recipe Resources has my favorite selection of websites to inspire me when I am looking for a new recipe. If you need help adjusting a recipe to ensure that it’s ‘sanctioned’, drop HQ a line and we will help.  You can also ask your team the the Living Fit Lifestyle Family for assistance too!


Assemble everything you need to support your success. Download the Insider’s Guide so you can print and read the rules, make sure you understand the expectations for winning. Download and print the game forms and the sanctioned food list and meal suggestions. Go to the grocery store and start cooking! Organize your meals, water and cucumbers! Schedule your exercise time to make sure you get it into the plan. Plan your sleep schedule if that is going to be a challenge for you.


Minimize potential pit falls! Think through your schedule and life. Look for places where you might need to plan ahead. Are you going to be out of the house for a few hours? Maybe you need to pack a lunch bag? Are you going to be working late? Will you need to pack a dinner to eat at the office? Do you have a selection of restaurants that have ‘sanctioned’ meal items on their menu? Is your pantry stocked with ‘sanctioned’ food items? Do you have time in your schedule to shop, prep and cook? Think about all the possible variables that will ensure your success in the Living Fit Lifestyle game!


Plan to reward yourself – don’t wait until the end of the game to reward your progress! Plan rewards each week to celebrate your successes. Make a list of rewards that you will enjoy and strive to find rewards that support your goals!



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