Your Weekly Challenge:

Change one thing for 30 full days ~ Conquering Challenges!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


If you want to conquer fear,

don’t sit home and think about it.

Go out and get busy.

~ Dale Carnegie



Small, sustainable changes over a period of time = BIG CHANGES!

Living Fit Game - Week 4 Conquering ChallengesWhat small change can you make for 30 full days to challenge yourself?

How will you benefit from said 30-day challenge?

Why would you like to make this change?



What would it mean to you to succeed in such a change for 30 days?

  • completing a morning ritual every day, without fail?
  • giving up alcohol / wine for 30 days, no exceptions?
  • giving up bread or grains for 30 full days and nights?
  • writing in a journal for the 30 days, full disclosure ~ to yourself?

What change do you believe will bring YOU the most benefit?