Your Weekly Challenge:

Create an act & create a habit….

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



If you create an act, you create a habit.

If you create a habit, you create a character.

If you create a character, you create a destiny.

~ Andre Maurois



This game is all about creating new habits, healthy habits. This is an opportunity to create a habit that will support your improved health vision. Create your destiny! It is within our power to choose how we want to live; where we live, what we eat, who our friends are, how we spend our free time, where we invest our time and energy. These choices are where we get to exercise our power — and we are powerful beings! With all the new information available everyday regarding health, fitness, lifestyle and psychology — we have a lot of data to work with.


Being curious, asking questions, being a detective and an advocate in our own lives is a great place to begin with our health goals. We have to read, ask questions, keep data and apply our intellect to the health education of our lives. Each of us is unique and special, we have our own unique needs for exercise, food, sleep and work. This combination of elements is what makes up our lifestyle and determines how healthy or unhealthy we are. Genetics definitely play a role in our health, a role that we have to respect through awareness. We need information about our family’s health history and how it affects us as individuals, keeping a Health History Binder is a great way to organize all of this important information.


Take some time to think about your own personal health history and that of your immediate family. If cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer or any other disease is prevalent in your family’s history — this is information that you need to know so you can make a plan to work around for your own better health. You need this vital information to plan medical screenings, to help evaluate your current habits and determine which habits might cause you the most pause for change.


Take a pause, create a binder or folder with all of your personal health history information and begin to gather that of your immediate family. Start looking at the vital information that you need to know for your healthy future.



Create a habit of organizing your health history information in one place so that you have it when you need it and it’s easily accessible for your family if necessary.

Include things like:

    • Your Insurance Information, copy of card, copy of drivers license and passport for identification


    • Your physician’s contact information — all physicians and their specialties


    • All of your blood tests — so you have a time line of your health


    • Any other tests that you have take — keeping a clear track of your health


    • Any notes that you have taken regarding your health


    • A list of all prescriptions that you have taken or are currently taking


    • Any relevant information regarding your personal health and family’s health history



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