Note to self:

What we enjoy …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Not what we have

But what we enjoy,

constitutes our abundance.

~ Epicurus



What we enjoy


What we enjoy constitutes our abundance … and … it’s all around us. There is so much abundance in our world, all we have to do is tune into it and enjoy! This concept goes back to the glass is half full, it’s all a matter of perspective. There will always be someone smarter, richer, more beautiful that we are, it is not advisable to play a game of comparison. What we enjoy in our daily lives sets the stage for our longevity and happiness.


Blessings are all around us


When we take the time to breathe deeply, relax, and observe what is actually happening in our daily lives, we can see abundance in a multitude of ways. Blessings are all around us; the miracles of life, babies, puppies, kittens, flowers, trees, sunshine, food, water, music, and so much more. Growing up I heard my mother say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and so it is with abundance, it is something we tune into. Abundance is all around us — it is up to us to recognize it and define it for ourselves.


Living Fit Lifestyle


What does Living Fit Lifestyle mean to you? How do you define your health vision? What habits do you have that you want to change? What is your strategy for habit change? Do you have a strong support system to call on when you need a morale boost? What can you do to set yourself up for success while working on your goals?




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