By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Yellow Squash and Scallions Soup anyone?


Yes, it’s been that kinda winter around here in the Big Apple. Soup has been a blessing, it’s an excellent way to get a bunch of vegetables into my daily food plan without eating another salad.  I don’t know about you, but I really don’t love eating a cold salad when it’s cold outside and, it’s really not advisable. It’s best to eat warm, rich foods in the cold months to keep your body warm, and I like creamy, thick soups. The idea of a thick, creamy soup is not what someone normally goes to when they are thinking of their waistline and fitness, I know. So, I realized that if you were to keep the vegetable content high in ratio to the liquid, when you blend it you will have that thick, creamy soup without all the extra unnecessary calories.


So, today we have Yellow Squash with Scallions.  Super simple, just like all the other pureed soups. I simply go to my stash of Classic Bone Broth and add some white wine, sweet Vidalia onion, roasted garlic and yellow squash. I put the squash in last, after the onion and garlic are tender and cooked, the wine has had a chance to reduce and then I add the classic bone broth and squash. I cook it only long enough for the squash to be tender. Then I transfer the mixture to my Vitamix Blender or use my Immersion Blender ~ whatever you have or prefer to use is fine. Just make sure to give it time to become silky and smooth. You can have a luxuriously creamy soup without ever having to use butter or cream ~ all vegetable and bone broth ~ bonus!!


You can add a healthy amount of vegetables to your meals with this easy soup method, stay on track and create a sanctioned meal