It’s been pretty hot out lately — high 80’s – 90’s — full of humidity with afternoon thunderstorms!  Reminds me of Florida and Texas.


And, when it’s hot outside I like to have so tea.  We have an obligation to provide a lot of good old fashioned H20 to our healthy living plan and sometimes it’s good to shake it up a bit with the fruit infused water (like Pamela is making for herself) and the addition of Yerba Mate & Green Tea is also a great combination.


Yerba MateGreen Tea is an excellent combination for helping to relieve inflammation in the body and rev up the metabolism.  If you are feeling very adventurous, you could possibly replace your coffee with this combination.  I like to add raw organic honey to mine and a little sliced lemon, not too much sweet.



I make a big batch (like everything else I do — must be the “everything’s bigger in Texas thing)… who knows?  Anyway, it’s delicious, refreshing and great to have on hand when I want something other than water.  It’s completely sanctioned as long as I use the honey & not too much, for this gallon of tea — I used 2T of honey and 2 sliced lemons along with 6 Yerba Mate tea bags and 6 Green Tea bags.  All of the ingredients were organic and it produced a very refreshing drink, perfect for this heat!