By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


What is yogurt cheese? Well, it’s really a version of your own Greek Style Yogurt.  Take a good quality organic yogurt and strain it, drain off the whey and allow the yogurt to get thick and creamy, like cream cheese.  I like to do this with an organic non-fat yogurt and then I can dress it up with whatever flavors I want to make a variety of different dishes.




You can make the yogurt yourself or purchase a brand that you like.  I found this yogurt strainer which is actually a Kefir Strainer but that’s OK it works the same for yogurt.  All you need is a decent container large enough to hold it in the fridge to catch the whey as it drains.  I happened to have this tupperware type container that works perfectly.




After a day or two, your yogurt has drained and become very thick and creamy.  How long you leave the yogurt to drain will depend on how thick it gets. You will decide this by how you want to use it.  Sometimes, I keep it with a little bit of the whey and use it like a mayonnaise, it’s the creamy dressing base for the Chicken Curry Salad. We just added lemon juice to thin the yogurt out a bit and add some tang to the dressing. Once you give this idea a whirl, you will figure out how you like it for yourself.




Once the yogurt is strained to the level you want, you will be left with the liquid whey.  I like to keep this and use it in my own protein drinks, instead of using a dehydrated whey product.  The whey is tangy and delicious, just add fruit, sweetener of choice and possibly some gelatin for a little added protein boost.