My Challenge Today:

Big opportunity …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Your big opportunity may be

right where you are now.

~ Napoleon Hill



My big opportunity is staring me in the face ~ my challenge is to recognize it and take action!


Let’s face it, we all have our ups and downs, good days and bad, rain and sunshine. It’s really up to each of us individually to recognize our opportunities and be able to discern which ones are appropriate for us at any given time. Not all opportunities are relevant for us, sometimes they are simply a distraction and we really have to be focused on our SMART GOALS to guide us through the maze.


One of the things that I have noticed over the years while living in NYC is that there is so much of everything I have to put blinders on the ensure that I stay focused on my path. Years ago a dear friend told me about Dylan’s Candy Bar on the UES. Honestly, I was shocked ~ the store is huge and full of candy, I have lived on the UES for years and never noticed the store. I then had another friend talk to me about his trouble avoiding candy stores in general and again, I was surprised ~ I have never noticed candy stores in the city ~ they are clearly not on my radar. Candy is not something I notice because I don’t allow room for candy in my life, unless I make it myself, that’s different! I used to have a huge love affair with candy, chocolate, nuts, caramel ~ yum. Then I had to come to terms with the fact that eating candy and chips were really not in keeping with my SMART GOALS. Neither products help me to stay healthy.


The point of this story is ~ we have to choose for ourselves what we are going to do and what not. We are entirely responsible for our own personal success, or not. And, there is a “I’ll do it Monday” mentality in our culture regarding diets and exercise. Our goal here in the Living Fit Lifestyle is to reframe the “do it later” attitude to a — “is this on point for my SMART GOALS?” and “what can I do now to move me closer to my goals?” And, if we allow ourselves to get distracted by every shiny bauble and delicious item out there, reaching our goals becomes a bigger challenge.


Keep your eyes open and focused on your goals, train yourself to see the opportunities that will work for you ~ not against you!



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