Your Challenge Today:

Describe what ‘beauty’ is to you.

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


The best part of beauty is that which

no picture can express.

~ Francis Bacon



Very often we in America can get caught up in the belief that our personal value is linked to the number on a scale or the size of our clothes. We place a little too much emphasis on numbers that are really statistical measurements not personal values.


When I hear a statement like ~


  • “I will be happy when I _________”
  • I lose 10 lbs …
  • I drop a dress size or pant size …
  • I fit back into my jeans….


We are setting ourselves up for major disappointments and devaluing our ‘self’.

YES, we do need to be conscious about what we eat, when we eat, what we do for exercise and how much. There are MANY components that go into creating our best body. HOWEVER, our self worth is not determined by the number on the scale. The scale can be very deceiving and disappointing, it is only a measure of weight. The scale does not take into account your bone structure and your over all body composition.  The number on the scale is only ONE element to take into consideration when evaluating your overall health and fitness. Keep that into perspective, use the scale as a tool, not the almighty answer to how well you are or are not doing with your fitness plan.


Sweating (by the way) fits into this category as well ~ how much a person sweats during a workout is not necessarily a good indicator of a good workout ~ it might be that you had alcohol the night before, you definitely sweat more after drinking … keep that in mind.  And, like everything else, some people sweat more than others. Your body’s ability sweat is directly linked to your body’s ability to regulate your core temperature.


Measure the effectiveness of your workout by your target heart rate, and evaluate the overall workout by asking yourself —


  • did I cover all of body parts?
  • did I stretch completely and mindfully?
  • did I elevate my heart rate and breathing into a cardio effect?
  • did I include a strength phase, cardio phase, stretch phase, and balance phase?
  • did I challenge myself without killing myself?


This is really where having a level head and a balanced life comes in. We have to be realistic with ourselves and take into consideration ALL of the FACTS.



Sharing is Caring ~ what’s your idea of beauty?