If your hips are tight (gluteus muscles — or butt) your spine and knees can suffer. Following a Hip Sequence of stretches will assist you in keeping your hips and knees healthy.


The spine is a complex mechanism of support made up of 33 vertebrae. If the muscles that are supposed to move happen (like a squat — or sitting down) do not have the range of motion to function properly, then the next closest joint will take the impact of the movement, creating a faulty movement pattern.


Multiply this faulty movement pattern by 15 or 20 years of activity. Let’s say you like to run; you might end up with knees or a lower back and knees that hurt. Because most movement involves more than one joint, it often happens that people’s IT bands (or iliotibial band) that connect the hamstrings, quads, knee, and hip together are super tight. Part of caring for your body is taking time to stretch; flexibility training is essential for the longevity of your joints and mobility.


Try this sequence by Stephanie Snyder — yoga specialist and see how your hips feel!