Note to self:

Quality of Life …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


The reason I exercise

is for the quality of life I enjoy.

~ Kenneth H. Cooper



How do you define your quality of life? What’s important to you when you think of the quality of life? What elements of life do you want to upgrade to improve your quality of life?


Quality of life is a big issue and one that I don’t believe our culture had fully embraced when thinking about how to invest in ourselves. We have many discussions in the news about financial investments, how to improve one’s ability to consume more. We don’t spend my time talking about more abstract investments that will add value to our quality of life.


When I think of the quality of life, I think about how I feel when I get up in the morning, am I waking refreshed or groggy? How do I feel when I walk in the door of my home, am I soothed by my sanctuary? How do I feel when I go to work, do I enjoy my work or dread what’s on the schedule? How do I feel about my finances, do I have enough money coming in and am I saving enough for my future? What am I doing for fun these days, what do I want to do? When is the last time I had a good roaring laugh with my friends, went to a movie or out to a play? What am I doing for my personal growth, is there a course that I want to take? Am I getting to the gym or the park for regular exercise or do I need to switch it up for variety?


These questions and many more are all a part of evaluating my quality of life, what do I need or want to do to enhance my pleasure and purpose?



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