My Challenge Today:

What to do with the time …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


All we have to decide is

what to do with the time that is given us.

~ J. R. R. Tolkien



What to do with the time that is given us … that is a good question!


I usually have a well laid out plan of action for my days, weeks and months. I have a fairly set schedule with regular appointments and work to fit my other activities in around those dedicated appointments. Some days I feel full of fuel and fire, ready to go and get it all checked off the list. And, then ~ there are those days where I can’t seem to get myself in sync with my plans ~ do you ever have days like that?


Lately, it seems like the majority of my days have been more miss than hit. I have been going through a challenging time with some family issues, personal issues, home issues and individually each issue is not a big deal. Then, when they start to pile up all at the same time ~ I feel a bit overwhelmed and lose my ability to focus. I look at it all and talk to myself about what I can do, what’s realistic and timely. I devise a plan that doesn’t feel too overwhelming and I put forth an valiant effort. Sometimes, I hit the mark and sometimes it feels like a complete bust. Oh well, there is always tomorrow … and that’s true. I have learned to give myself permission to relax, my world is not coming to an end if I don’t empty all the trash cans in the house today. I am not going to fall apart if I allow the mail to pile up for a few days or even weeks. I am human, I am entitled to have ups and downs in my life just like everyone else and it’s OK, I am no less of a good person because my house gets messy sometimes.


I have to decide what to do with the time and sometimes I choose to relax. I choose to be kind to myself, let my hair down and just be. Take a hot bath, talk on the phone, write in my journal, read a good book, read a trashy book, watch a movie or two, clean out a drawer, go for a walk, contemplate what to do with the time. Developing the art of self-care is equally important as working hard on a project.



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