It was a beautiful evening in Manhattan and we (Bernadette Kathryn and the BK Fitness crew) were getting ready to have the BKFitness – 20th Anniversary celebration to acknowledge the long standing relationships I have had the privilege to be a part of.  A gorgeous table and lots of great conversation among old friends and new.


BK's Launch  - Living Fit Lifestyle


I invited all of my clients and my dearest friends and team to celebrate our BKFitness – Anniversary, 20 years in the making!


BKFitness provides personal services, in personal fitness training, Integrative Health Lifestyle Coaching, massage therapy & organic meal delivery service.


The privilege of coming into my clients homes everyday, week after week, year after year, working with them in this very personal way, getting to know them, their families and watching their kids grow has been a heart warming experience for which I am very grateful. I am blessed to have had this experience and appreciate all of the wonderful people in my life that have made this possible.  Our BK Fitness – 20th Anniversary celebration was an evening full of laughter, love and warmth.


I feel such pride and gratitude for the experience

of sharing a part of life with my clients and friends.



I planned a fun evening for the BKFitness – Anniversary where we could all get together and cook!  It was my time to turn the tables and let them get into the kitchen and cook dinner. We all had a ball, great food, wonderful people and fabulous music from two of my special friends David Winkler & Ray Anderson.




for many happy years & lots of love!



What a great party idea, we all have a wonderful time!

We have plenty more where that came from,

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