Note to self:

Catch excellence …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Perfection is not attainable,

but if we chase perfection

we can catch excellence.

~ Vince Lombardi



Catch excellence



Chase perfection and you will catch excellence ~ that’s like shooting for the moon and catching a star. Perfection is an illusion that we can never reach and yet we can achieve excellence. When we are committed to doing our best, we are serving our soul, learning and growing.


Who do you know that is perfect? We all have flaws and that is part of what makes us interesting as individuals! Nothing is life is perfect and yet everything is perfect, it’s really all in our perspective. It’s important for us to own our imperfections and the beauty of who we really are as individuals. We don’t need to be classically beautiful or handsome to be comfortable in our own skin. Developing a ‘healthy’ self-acceptance is vital to self-love, appreciation,  self-respect, and self-esteem which is what fuels our desire to live with a good “Quality of Life”.


This game is about:

  • Self-improvement
  • Healthy progress
  • Forward movement
  • Learning to love and appreciate ourselves!



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How are you serving your soul?