Core Components of the Game:

  • Each Game is 12 weeks!
  • Each team consist of 2-6 players maximum
  • Each team’s collective scores will be averaged end or each week for a weekly winner
  • And at the end of the game for an overall winner!



The game is based on:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • The desire to get healthy, get fit & have fun!


At the beginning of each game:



Healthy FoodEat Fresh - Living Fit Lifestyle

  • 350 points per week are available to you!
  • 50 points per day – 10 pts per sanctioned meal
  • 5 fully sanctioned meals per day mandatory
  • Just eat real food!



Sensible Exercise

  • 50 Exercise points per day for 30 minutes total activity – (6 x weekly)
  • You must do some form of exercise for 30 min per day

Exercise Rules - Living Fit Lifestyle



Restorative Sleepover tired - Living Fit Lifestyle

  • 50 points for sleep daily
  • We recommend 6-8 hours per day – points value for 6 hrs
  • Or at least be in bed with lights out for 6 hours per day
  • If insomniac you must practice the guidelines of sleep hygiene
  • Regular sleep is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight management



Lemon Water - Living Fit LifestylePure Water

  • 50 water points available daily
  • We recommend 2- 3 liters per day – points for 2 or more
  • NO SODA or juice — sugar free or otherwise



Clear CommunicationCommunicating - Living Fit Lifestyle

  • 50 Communication points are available daily
  • You can earn points for contact with at least 1 teammate and the group each day
  • Phone, email, texting is permitted – FB or Website encouraged (optional)



Gratitude Practice

  • Thank You - Living Fit Lifestyle50 Gratitude points per day for 10 minutes of Quiet Reflection
  • on 5 things that you are deeply grateful for!
  • An attitude of gratitude is the beginning of a healthy mindset!



Exceptions – there are always exceptions!



  • Every player gets THREE (3) meals off per week without penaltyExceptions - Living Fit Lifestyle
  • Every player get ONE (1) day off from all other rules without penalty (except food)
  • Every player gets one thumb sized non-sanctioned food per day w/o penalty



Penalties – don’t even think about it….


No Snacking Please …penalty - Living Fit Lifestyle

  • -50 pts for every non-sanctioned snack each week


Don’t drink your calories!

  • -50 pts for every non-sanctioned beverage except during (3) meals off!



Bonuses — your chance to really win the game!!!

bonus - Living Fit Lifestyle


Perfect Score Bonus!

  • 20% Bonus of your total weekly score for perfectly following your
  • SUCCESS RITUAL – 6 out of 7 days per week



Weekly Challenge Bonus

An opportunity for added bonus points – optional

  • 20% Bonus of your total weekly score for participating in the Weekly Challenge
  • Post anything about your journey with the challenge on our website or FB