Your Daily Challenge:

Think about your garden and create more miracles.

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles

than any wonder drug.

~ Patricia Neal



How do you create or recognize miracles in your life?  I know children are the greatest reminders of miracles, their beautiful little faces, the things they say and what they see that we have become immune to … this always reminds me what a miracle life is. And, what a pleasure it is to be alive to enjoy the little things with our friends, family and often when we are alone.  The way the sun shines through the trees on a beautiful day, the way the sun reflects on the water, the way the wind feels blowing over the water, the sound of children on the playground.


There are always two sides to every coin and how we choose to look at things sometimes makes all the difference in how we feel. When we take the grumpy road because we feel slighted or hungry or tired and we react without thinking ~ we might be missing something important. When life is hectic, behind schedule, tedious, it can be easy to get discouraged, frustrated and a little testy. It happens and then ~ there is the other side of the coin, maybe it’s all for a good reason.  Maybe we need to slow down and take a breath?  Who knows?  We can’t ever do anything about traffic or the weather, we can only take care of ourselves in those challenging situations and be grateful that we are alive to enjoy the experience.



What is growing in your garden?



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