By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


I have always loved egg salad!  My mother used to make egg salad for me regularly, yum.  She also would add eggs to tuna salad, chicken salad & potato salad.  I loved every dish.


Since I love eggs so much  –  I choose to purchase pastured eggs from free-range chickens and enjoy the eggs. I get mine delivered every week from Udder Milk – great service and great products, if you live in Manhattan — I highly recommend!



These amazing eggs have the most beautiful yolks, bright orange, not like any egg I have ever seen from the grocery store — organic or otherwise.


I love them so much, I usually order 2-3 dozen every week and make omelets, frittatas, hard boiled, meringues, ice cream, etc….. my cats love the yolks too!


I am not a doctor or a scientist and I don’t truly understand the mechanics of why some people have high cholesterol and some don’t.  Some people eat eggs and some are afraid of them — they have been on the taboo list for quite awhile.  I am a firm believer that we all need to respect our bodies and our health in as many ways as humanly possible.


What does that mean?


Well, the choices we make everyday have an effect on our health; sometimes immediately and sometimes long term.  One of the greatest gifts we have been given on this earth is the power of choice.  It is up to use to use that power wisely.


Everyday we get to choose:

  • what we eat, where does it come from, how do we prepare it?
  • whether we exercise or not and what type of exercise are we doing?
  • what are we drinking & how much?
  • how much sleep are we getting and what is the quality?
  • who are friends are and what is the quality of our relationships?
  • what type of influences we choose to participate in, church, sports, social groups, etc.


Don’t get me wrong — sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we don’t get to choose something — but, we usually do get to choose how we are going to handle that curve ball.  These are all of the choices that go into creating a “life-style”.  What style of life do you choose to live?


All of this is to say that I choose to purchase the best quality food that I can afford in the effort and belief that it will support my better health today and in the long run.  I am choosing to spend my money now in a effort to avoid having to spend later on remediating poor health that can be caused by poor food choices all along the path of life.


I appease myself by taking some of the yolks out and giving them to my cats.  I boil my eggs in the manner that we were taught in school which produces a perfect egg every time!



Quick Tip: For perfectly boiled eggs every time put your eggs into a pot with cold water, cover the eggs by 1″ –Bring the water to a boil –turn the heat off –cover the pot –set your timer for 10 minutes When the bell rings, pour the hot water down the drain and cool your eggs to stop the cooking. Then begin to peel your perfectly cooked eggs!



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