Your Challenge Today:

Make a lasting impact …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Education is the key to success in life,

and teachers make a lasting impact

in the lives of their students.

~ Solomon Ortiz



Education is the key to success in life ~ and ~ your education does not need to be traditional to be successful! You can learn by doing, learn by reading and learn by studying with a mentor. If education is your objective, there  are so many choices for learning. With the advent of on-line learning we have more options than ever for education and the choice is all yours. Find a course of action that suits your schedule and learning style and you will be richly rewarded.


Our teachers can come from many places, our neighbors, our churches, temples and neighborhood community centers. A teacher can present themselves in many unexpected places ~ we have to keep our eyes and ears open! Learning is an ever present opportunity throughout each day. We can learn from our children and our neighborhood stores. When we keep our eyes and ears open we can learn from almost anywhere and it can make a lasting impact on our lives.


I have a few favorite teachers from years gone by and I think of them often with fond memories of how supported I felt and what a blessing it was to have had them passing through my life. I imagine everyone has some kind of fond memories of different teachers in their past.  Who has been instrumental in your personal growth? What teachers would you like to celebrate?



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