By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


I love sandwiches, they are such a great way to get a meal in an easy package.  You can put it all together and wrap it up, your healthy grain, protein, vegetable and fat — great idea!  And, so flexible — portable comfort food!


This Meatloaf Panini is one of the client favorites.


In this particular sandwich, we start off the with healthy meatloaf — loaded with vegetables and add more vegetables.  Great tasting, very filling and feels like comfort food in your hand. Make a few from your leftovers and pack ’em up for the day, great for work, school, or a road trip!


Make sure you use a healthy whole grain bread – gluten free if necessary – add lots of vegetables and a healthy spread. I like to add arugula for that peppery taste or baby spinach and roasted red peppers or tomatoes with possibly a pesto spread or even a small portabello mushroom.  It’s really just a matter of taste!  Experiment with flavors that you like and remember to use your hand when portioning out the ingredients!  You could share your sandwich with a friend and add a salad to bump up your vegetables some more…. that would really keep you on track, fill you up and be very satisfying.


I use my Cuisinart Panini Maker for this — but you could use a non-stick grill pan with a weight on top– either will work.  Make it easy for yourself, remember to eliminate the oil or butter on the bread, it’s not a grilled cheese that you grew up with.