Sleep Better 

We all know the uncomfortable feeling of not sleeping well the night before a big day, struggling to get through an important meeting or just plain suffering through a long day. We ate too much or drank too much or maybe we had too much sugar late before bed. Whatever there reason the results are almost always the same ~ a struggle the next day in one way or another. It’s not healthy, it’s not in our best interest to run on empty, especially when it’s a regular occurrence. We need sleep to recharge our batteries, we need sleep to heal after a really good workout and we need sleep to decompress.

Recent research findings state that

we need to sleep:

  • 7-9 hours each day
  • in a cold room 63-68•
  • in a completely dark room
  • on a firm, comfortable mattress on
  • with delicious sheets and pillows
  • a weighted blanket will help
  • without television and electronic equipment