Your Challenge Today:

Something to do …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Worrying is like a rocking chair,

it gives you something to do,

but it gets you nowhere.

~ Glenn Turner



Where are you going today? Are you evaluating your busy schedule or are you looking for something to do?  Do you spend time worrying about things or do you face your worries head on?


I could be wrong about this ~ but, it seems to me that women are natural worriers, conditioned to worry about our bodies, our families, money, and friends. I will be honest; I am pretty sure I think this because I am a woman and I have no real idea how much men worry or what they might worry about. Don’t get me, wrong guys ~ I know you are sensitive, caring and you probably have suffered too. Human beings are caring beings and worry sometimes come with challenges.


I am going to hypothesize that it probably takes as much time and energy to worry about something as it does to look for and create a solution. I don’t know; I don’t have any facts or statistics on that subject but, I do know that facing a challenge and asking “what are the facts?” and beginning to look for a solution is going to prove to be more productive than worrying about something. The worry usually is an instinctive first moment and realizing that it won’t help with a solution is the next step.


Worrying is not the same as evaluating a situation to find a suitable solution; every challenge needs some evaluation and careful consideration. Worrying is not the same as researching realistic options to overcome a problem. Worrying is not the same as consulting a professional for informed advice. Worrying is wasting time with all the what ifs instead of investing in a solution. The best way to go about relieving yourself of unproductive worry is to look for as many real-life solutions that you can find and choose the best one for your particular challenge.



  • Take time to meditate on the subject that is bringing you worry and grief
  • Pray for the best solution to be revealed to you in a speedy and efficient time frame
  • Do your research, consult and commit to being pro-active instead of re-active — face it head on
  • Trust yourself to choose wisely, trust your instincts and believe the universe to support you



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