Your Challenge Today:

Into your own hands …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better,

you have to take things into your own hands.

~ Clint Eastwood



What change would you like to see in your Living Fit Lifestyle? How can you take things into your own hands to realize your dream? What’s one thing you can take into your own hands and change that will support your SMART GOALS?


Whenever I have an issue or challenge that is bugging me ~ I feel entirely empowered with the notion that I can do something about it. I love knowing that I am capable, I am strong, and I am creative ~ I can find a solution. I feel empowered when I realize my goal and implement a solution, big or small. I love the feeling of changing something in my life for the better, and it can be as simple as finding a better way to organize my kitchen supplies. In fact, my kitchen is so small it’s a real challenge to house all of the pantry items,  I have had to be very creative to make it happen, and it’s a constant shuffle. Coming up with solutions to make my life and time in the kitchen to be smoother and more efficient is always a big win for me, both practically speaking and emotionally.


The most significant change that the lifestyle educators speak of in regards to our physical health is cooking and eating more meals at home!  I must say, I agree. I have worked in several restaurants in my life and know that while it’s fun to eat out sometimes, you get the best result with your Living Fit Lifestyle when you cook your food. You have control over the quality of your ingredients and cooking methods which is a real bonus when you are trying to make a change in your physical health sustainably. Your food and nutrition are vitally important to your overall wellness.


Now, don’t get me wrong ~ I know that not everyone wants to cook or even has the time. It does take a great deal of planning, organization, shopping, prepping and then you get to cooking. One of my clients told me she used to love to cook, she has four kids, and enjoyed the process until she repeatedly saw how long it takes compared to how fast everyone eats! I understand that too; it’s quick, we are always in such a hurry these days, places to go, people to see, things to do. So maybe it’s more realistic that you find a couple of excellent resources that have fresh meals for your convenience. That’s is something we all need, options to make life work realistically. A couple of excellent restaurants that serve quality foods, a couple of good deli-type stores that have clean foods menu items and a few good recipes that you can quickly prepare for yourself and your family. I like keeping my freezer full of things for emergencies and utilizing a crock pot on busy days, an ingenious kitchen tool for busy households.


It doesn’t matter how you choose to support your commitment to your Living Fit Lifestyle; it does matter that you find simple options to support your goals. Just knowing you have options can create the space for a more relaxed and enjoyable life. Take the stress off yourself by being prepared and empower yourself with healthy choices.



Take a look at your SMART GOALS and see

what you can take into your own hands to

strategically create the change that you are seeking.



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