Your Challenge Today:

Take the first step …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Setting goals is the first step

in turning the invisible into the visible.

~ Tony Robbins



The first step is always the hardest ~ getting out of bed, getting out the door, getting into the gym, signing up for a class, keeping the schedule and keeping the commitment. Well, those are not the first steps – first, you have to choose, set a goal, commit and then the real work begins!


When you have a goal – it is vitally important that you are committed to the realization of the target, turning the invisible into visible! And when you feel like quitting before you get started that is when the excuses begin. We all do it; we justify the reasons why we can’t do whatever we said we would do, we make excuses when we are not ready to fulfill the commitment.


If you take the time to listen to yourself, hear your self-talk, you will KNOW when you are making excuses and when you are ready to do the work?  Where are you in this process?


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