Your Challenge Today:

Being scared to death …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Courage is being scared to death…

and saddling up anyway.

~ John Wayne



Have you ever been terrified, the paralyzed kind of scared? Learning to speak in public, performing on stage, doing a big business deal, skydiving or bungee jumping ~ these are all activities that might make most people scared.


Sometimes personal growth can be scary, learning new things, going new places, starting new projects ~ all scary. The unknown, going out on a limb can be very scary, or maybe you are one of those people that find new experiences to be exciting. I see new skills to be both scary and exciting – what about you?


This game of healthy living is building a foundation of wellness by focusing on six areas of your physical health, including exercise, water consumption, healthy food, restorative sleep, communication and gratitude practice. However, I believe that real wellness is much more than fitting into your skinny jeans, which is apparently essential but not the only element of wellness. A genuinely well-balanced lifestyle is created by rounding out your experiences with a healthy career, good family relationships, a sanctuary called home, continuing education, community involvement, a healthy dose of pleasure, fiscal fitness, an attitude of gratitude and a healthy body, mind & spirit.


As we have been discussing for a while now, the best way to ensure that we keep moving forward on our goals, whatever they are, is a plan. We need a clear roadmap, the courage to follow through with our intentions and the determination to put the project into action. It doesn’t matter what the project is — body, relationships, career, home, finances, attitude — when you commit to the goal, create a plan, takes a deep breath and begins — you are going to win!


You don’t need to know how; you don’t need to see every detail, you do need to want the result! It’s OK if you are scared, it’s OK if you don’t have any experience, it’s all OK as long as you are committed, willing and ready to do the work.



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