Your Challenge Today:

The highest kite …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Imagination is

the highest kite one can fly.

~ Lauren Bacall



When’s the last time you were out playing with a kite? It’s been so long I can’t remember … I do remember that it was fun, finding a kite, putting it together, going somewhere to a vast open space with room to run and get it into the air, then allowing the wind to take it up and fly! I could feel the power of the wind and the peacefulness of the flight; it was like magic. And, with all the cold in the North East right now, this sounds like an excellent plan for the upcoming spring, something to look forward to!


If you want to fly ~ give up everything that weighs you down. What a delightful thought, letting go of all the extra baggage that I don’t need, letting go of all the old, outdated ‘stuff’ that I have at home — a work in progress around here. I have a friend that talked to me about ‘editing’ every year. She takes time each year around her birthday to edit her life; she goes through her contacts and edits, she composes her closets, drawers, papers, books, friends, and acquaintances. At first, I thought this to be somewhat harsh, editing friends and acquaintances … then I thought about it again and decided maybe not.


I have been in relationships with ‘friends’ that I come to realize was mostly about me doing something for them. When something happened that drove me to take a good hard look at our past, and I realized our relationship was heavily weighted toward what I was doing for the pleasure of their company, I became OK with letting go. I have to say it was a bitter-sweet exercise, a little bit bitter to think that I let myself get to the point of feeling ‘used’ and ‘sweet’ because I began to see my self-worth in a new light. It didn’t mean that I would never speak with this person again, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t call them a friend, it did mean that I gain a new perspective of my value and the value of my time, energy and friendship. I wanted to be in more supportive relationships. I have another friend/client that jokingly tells me that he ‘hopes this is not a one-way love affair’. He’s joking about the love affair, he is serious about letting me to that I am important to him, and he hopes I value having him in my life as much, it’s sweet. He’s a real joker, happily married for many years and I work with both he and his wife. I am blessed to have such loyal and appreciative clients, which is precisely what I do want. I want healthy relationships that work both ways, give and take responsibly.


Editing is a concept that I have always embraced, more or less. I am a collector at heart and don’t quite practice living the less-is-more lifestyle just yet; I do like my creature comforts. I am actively engaged in editing the ‘stuff’ that I collect and living in NYC is an excellent way to keep that in check. Let go, let go, let go — all that stuff that has become outdated in my life. The clothes that I don’t wear that I haven’t worn in a year or more. Let go of the books that I don’t need, donate to a thrift store or library. Let go of the papers and begin to keep digital copies of necessary items. Let go, clear out the clutter and make room for that which will support my journey going forward. Let go of the baggage of years gone by and move into the next chapter with a lighter load and open heart.


When I complete a project of cleaning house, editing the ‘stuff’ that I no longer need and donating it to someone that can benefit from it, I am making room for growth, new adventures, new experiences and flying the highest kite. I have always found that practicing Feng Shui energy clearing on a regular basis around my home is a great way for me to clear my head of its cobwebs. I get down and dirty with the clearing, make a big mess pulling everything out and sorting through that which I still want and that which I need to give away. It’s a process that is like magic for me ~ it opens my mind and imagination at the same time to new possibilities. It’s weird, I know. A lot of my dear friends chuckle when they think of how many times I have and do rearrange my home. I am the friend that gets called to help clean out closets or help pack for a big move. I am the friend that they look to for support during this time of clearing, and I am honored to help, I benefit from the process every time. I encourage you to take a look at your life and see where you might benefit from a little letting go.



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