Your Challenge Today:

The most happiness …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


The most simple things

can bring the most happiness.

~ Izabella Scorupco



The most straightforward things can bring the most happiness ~ think about that ~ so right! It’s such a bonus in life to keep it simple, enjoy the journey and practice an attitude of gratitude.


I have seen people suffering in isolation because they don’t feel connected to themselves, their friends or a community. It breaks my heart, I feel sad to see others hurting and I want to help them. I know that I cannot help everyone I encounter that is starving, suffering and I have heard it said that there only two motivations in this world — Love and Fear — which one is moving you?


When I am feeling afraid, it’s hard for me to love. When I am in fear, I am scared of connecting, I am feeling ‘not good enough’ and not remembering all the love that is actually in my life. When I am feeling the fear in my heart, I am not open to my unique gifts. When I am isolating myself, I am operating out of fear. When I am busy worrying about things, I am working out of a fearful place and not allowing my spirit to shine. When I am operating out of a fearful mentality, I am not honoring my gifts, talents, and blessings.


I have a favorite prayer that I found a long time ago and connected to instantly ~ The Sun Prayer ~ I say it to myself of every day to keep me connected to all the love in my life. I will admit, some days are harder than others, sometimes I have to say this prayer over and over again throughout the day to get me through sadness that I am feeling. And, I pray, I pray to keep my heart open and stay focused on providing the best service that I can to myself, my clients, friends, family and extended family. I use this prayer to keep me grounded in honoring myself and my commitment to my Living Fit Lifestyle.



You who are the source of all power,

whose rays illuminate the whole world,

illuminate also my heart,

so it too can do your work.



This prayer helps to keep me grounded in the beauty of life and the beauty of simplicity. I find the most happiness in simplicity…


  • family, friends & dinner parties
  • laughter, smiles & snuggles
  • babies, puppies & kitties
  • sunshine, swimming & beaches
  • grass, flowers & trees
  • music, movement & sweating
  • food, drink & a good red wine
  • movies, silly tv shows & lazy days


There are so many things in life to love, enjoy and bring pleasure to our days. When I feel a little down the best medicine for me is to call a friend, a delicious hug, play with my kitty, put on some good music and remind myself of that the most happiness is closer than I might think ~ open my eyes and take a look around. Practicing my attitude of gratitude brings me back to my heart.


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