My Challenge Today:

The quality of life …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


The quality of life is more important

than life itself.

~ Alexis Carrel



How do you define your quality of life?


I have come to believe that the quality of life has many aspects which work in unison to create my life ~ and the quality of life that I aspire to create is full of love, learning and pleasure.


I remember having a conversation with a very dear and trusted friend many years ago about what’s important in life. She was and is very much about creating wealth, making money, saving money, and establishing wealth. I firmly believe that money is an important part of our lives, we need it to survive, to do things that are necessary to care of ourselves and to provide the freedom to do the things we enjoy. Money is a valuable asset to add to the quality of our lives. And, we need to keep that into perspective ~ it’s a tool not the end goal, at least not for me.


My personal quest is about health and happiness. I work for the pleasure of helping others, making a contribution to their lives in a meaningful way and I enjoy the benefit of payment to support my life and the things I need and want. My first priority is to create a life of balance and pleasure. I seek pleasure in my work, my home, my friends, associates and my experiences.  I choose to participate in life with the pleasure of giving my best to whatever I am doing, I enjoy sharing my gifts with others. I enjoy the experience of movement, music, laughter, reading, relaxing, working, cooking and sharing life’s little moments with dear friends.



Quality of life generally includes ~


  • Wealth and employment ~ am I supporting myself with ease and sense of purpose?
  • Personal space and environment ~ how good do I feel in your personal space?
  • Physical and mental health ~ taking care of my body, mind and spirit with daily activities
  • Education ~ how am I committed to growing and learning in my life?
  • Recreation and leisure time ~ my pleasure zone, what do I do for fun?
  • Social belonging ~ a sense of community with family, friends, neighbors ~ how am I celebrating?



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