My Challenge Today:

Craving to be appreciated …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


The deepest principle in human nature

is the craving to be appreciated.

~ William James



The craving to be appreciated is deep within all of us, this goes back to Primary and Secondary Nutrition. We all have a longing to be connected to one another and appreciated for who we are and what we give to the world.



Primary nutrition is more than what is on your plate ~


  • Healthy relationships with good communicaiton
  • Regular physical activity ~ 30 minutes 6 days a week
  • A fulfilling career ~ that feeds your soul and gives you jazz to get up
  • A spiritual practice with regular prayer, meditation and journaling



All of these components combined can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. When your primary nutrition is balanced and satiating, your life feeds you, making what you actually eat secondary to your daily activities.


Have you ever been passionately in love, when everything was exciting? Life is beautiful, colors are vibrant, intimacy is magical and your lover’s touch is fulfilling. You are floating on air, enjoying your partner and soaking in life. You have a tendency to forget all about food and you are completely high on life, what a great feeling! You are enjoying the benefit of Primary Nutrition, LOVE!


Sometimes we are fed not by the food we crave but by the energy in our lives, the jazz we get when we are engaged in the excitement of our lives. These moments and feelings demonstrate that everything is food, everything that we do is feeding our needs.


When our lives are full of emotional connections and community contributions we are far less inclined to overdose on anything that we know is not in our best interest. When we enjoy the value of our work, friends, family and community we are fed by the pleasure of our connections, we focus on the people and activities in our lives instead of stuffing our feelings.



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