My Challenge Today:

Real magic …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


There is a real magic in enthusiasm.

It spells the difference between mediocrity

and accomplishment.

~ Norman Vincent Peale



I need to find some enthusiasm today, I am really struggling. There are some days when I look outside and it’s beautiful, blue sky, gorgeous weather, flowers blooming and trees budding and yet I cannot find my happy place. I know it’s there somewhere and yet, I cannot access it … I just want to cry and cry I must.


I guess we all need to cry sometimes ~ I am striving to find the balance between allowing myself to have my sorrow and not indulging myself to the point of absurdity. I know that there are two sides to every coin, darkness and light in each day and a life filled with many emotions including happiness, enthusiasm, pain and sorrow. Today, I am working on balancing the real magic of enthusiasm with the healing power of crying. My goal is to keep moving forward somehow, some way, with one new thing each day until I can feel the real magic in enthusiasm. I am working on clearing out all the old, out-dated stuff in my home and life so that I can make room for the magic to return.


Starting fresh with this new day is my challenge. To begin again with the real magic of enthusiasm requires me to let go of what was, let go of any expectations and allow the universe to provide for me. I have to focus on my faith, my friends, family and trust in the universe. And, I pray to have the strength to keep coming back to the real magic of enthusiasm and my faith.



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