Your Challenge Today:

Establish your priorities!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



Decide what you want,

decide what you are willing to exchange for it.

Establish your priorities and go to work.

~ H. L. Hunt



Playing this game is a positive action that expresses your commitment and priority to a Living Fit Lifestyle!


When we think about health and health coaching ~ we (health coaches) like to look at many areas of life that have a direct impact on our physical well-being. These are the areas that this game is encouraging us all to look at and realize that we have choices about how we live, who we associate with and how we plan for our future. It has long been known that:


  • Lack of sleep has a negative affect on our health and well-being, potentially dangerous if you drive. Not enough sleep makes it difficult to work, workout and lose weight ~ it raises our cortisol levels and induces our bodies to hold fat around our belly. Belly fat is associated with an increased risk of heart disease … good quality restorative sleep is a must for a healthy body, mind and spirit!


  • Being in an unhealthy relationship or work environment has a negative affect on our health and our lives as a whole. We spend so much of our time working that finding purpose and personal gratification in our work is an essential element to our physical well-being. Zeroing in on a career that supports your financial goals as well as one that inspires, motivates and rewards you is a tremendous asset to your overall health.


  • Living in a chaotic home environment that is cluttered, disorganized and in need of attention adds an underlying layer stress to one’s life. Creating a nest that is clean, organized and well kept to come home to adds the value of peace and pleasure to our daily lives.


  • All work and no play is a definite formula for stress in one’s life ~ we all need to laugh and play. Pleasure, laughter and love are great stress reducers and have a monumental affect on our physical health, lowering blood pressure, elevating our happy hormones and even working our abdominal muscles.


  • Difficult conversations that are swept under the carpet and avoided due to fear of conflict mounts into unhealthy stress that is always floating in the air, the elephant in the room ~ that never goes away until it’s faced with love, honesty and integrity.


  • A negative attitude about your body, work, home, school, friends, relationship — keeps us stuck in what’s not working in our lives instead of taking the time to look at what is working and enjoying the small moments that make up our life.


  • Feeling isolated and without a connection to a community adds stress to one’s life where as,  having an active role in a community has many healthy benefits. An active community network will benefit you, the community and society as a whole.


  • Financial and Career worries are monumental sources of stress in one’s life. Taking the time to focus on your fiscal fitness, developing a a realistic financial plan and a satisfying career is a huge step in stress prevention. Knowing that we are financially stable gives us the ability to enjoy more of our daily life and be more at peace when emergencies do arise.



What priorities do you want to focus on?


Living Fit LifestyleCreating more work / pleasure balance?

Creating more community connections?

Upgrading your career and finances?


What priority will enhance well-being the most right now?