A question about fish  — controversial at best.


  • ALL fish is contaminated with mercury
  • The larger the fish, the more the mercury
  • Food chain…. large fish eat small fish and all fish are contaminated
  • Farmed fish are contaminated with other stuff — not preferred, depends on who you talk to….


Recommended fish —


  • generally — deep water, cold fish
  • eat smaller fish
  • not more than 2x weekly
  • Tuna, swordfish — large fish — you might be able to get away with 1x month…..???


Check out Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch – this chart is specific to the North East — you can get one for each area of US.


The biggest issue we face is knowing where the fish is from — stores have been know to use clever marketing to sell!!  Get to know your fish monger …. like your farmer, somewhat challenging for our time in NYC and metropolitan areas.


Hope this helps — keep in mind — we need variety in our food plans.  The variety will help us get all the nutrients that we need and avoid over contaminating ourselves with any one modern day pollutant