Your Challenge Today:

Being a Champion

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


I think self-awareness

is probably the most important thing towards

being a champion.

~ Billie Jean King



Self-awareness is a trendy topic ~ maybe it’s because I am getting older (don’t tell anyone) but, I don’t remember that phrase as I was growing up. This expression came with the yoga craze, spinning cult and juicing culture. Self-awareness, mindfulness and personal growth all speak to my desire to be my absolute best.


Now, I have to admit; I am not what one would consider a typically competitive individual. I like to compete with myself and not on teams or sports; I don’t have the spirit for it, a little too sensitive maybe. But, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to do my very best at whatever I am doing. I have a vivid memory of a boss telling me one day that he wanted me to “be willing to sign my name to everything that I do.”  That struck a chord with me, the concept of being willing to sign my name to any task that I did was a little like signing a piece of art. That’s a bit dramatic for sure since I was a teenager working in a fast food restaurant, but the concept touched me.


Being willing to sign my name to everything that I do is taking ownership and pride in my work, efforts, and abilities. That is the kind of mindfulness that allows me to do my best and the self-awareness that provides the feedback necessary to know the difference. Which is relevant here with regards to changing habits ~ being mindful about our eating process and self-aware enough to know “am I eating because I am hungry or am I filling a void of some other kind?”  I have confessed to eating cookies and ice-cream when I am depressed and doing so deliberately allows me to eat only what I need for the moment and not go too far overboard. This strategy also allows me to feel my feeling, acknowledge what I am feeling and begin the road to healing. There is nothing wrong with jumping off track occasionally and mindfully, as a conscious choice with purpose not on automatic pilot without awareness.



How do you satisfy a hunger within your soul?



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