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Camilia Sinensis


The plant that changed the world and how it can change your world




Discovered in 2737 BCE the Camilia Sinensis plant is the most influential plant on earth. It is the plant around which the earliest entrepreneurs based their businesses. It is the plant that has been enjoyed by royalty and paupers. It is written about in volumes and more wars have been fought over this plant, than over religion.


The camilia sinensis plant has been the inspiration for spiritual and healing ceremonies as long as it has been known to mankind. To indulge in this plant after a meal is a way of relaxing the body and soul, and unlike other after dinner indulgences, it has been shown to improve your health. It has influenced civilization through every age.


The plant is grown in gardens in countries like Viet Nam, China, India, Japan, and Indonesia, where the climate is temperate and the altitude of the mountains is 3,000-5,000 feet above sea level.   And guess what? It’s legal!

So how do you select and brew that perfect cup of tea? Actually, it is pretty simple.


You will first want to decide what type of leaves you want to brew. Do you want a hearty cup of tea? Or something calming? All tea has a small amount of caffeine but white teas are less caffeinated than others. You can choose a black tea (typically the most caffeinated) and remove the caffeine before you drink it. (Not a great idea to buy decaffeinated tea because the processing can remove some of the good stuff from the tea).


Here are some guidelines:


  • Pick a white tea if you want a calming effect. White teas are great for thinking and concentration.


  • Pick a green tea if you are interested in reducing inflammation. Known for their high levels of C and D, green teas are especially effective for calming inflammation in your body.


  • Pick a black tea if you are looking for a pick me up. Breakfast tea blends like English Breakfast tea or Earl Grey are known for their energizing qualities. AND those teas will also be healthy teas for your body and soul. A study in Sweden quotes 43% less incidence of cervical cancer and same for prostate cancer with 4 cups of black tea per day, might also helps with Leukemia.


  • Pick an oolong tea if your interest is cholesterol, losing weight, or psoriasis, or skin issues.


And then brew it. My mother used to tease that her mother could “burn” jello. It was good for a laugh but at the end of the day, impossible to do. However, with tea, good leaves can get burned and result in a bitter cup to swallow.


So here is the rule:


Boil your filtered water and then wait before adding to the leaves –

  • 0 minutes for black tea
  • 4 minutes for green or oolong tea
  • 6 minutes for white tea


Brew the tea for 3-5 minutes. Find your favorite chair and sit back while you sip and find your calm. Do this every day, and you will find a more peaceful world!


By Janee Graver: Founder, Ducky Life Tea
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Jane Graver founded and ran Ducky Life Tea for nine years before selling it in 2014.  Ducky Life Tea (www.duckylife.com) sells loose leaf, organic tea with the goal of helping everyone live a “ducky life”.  Today Jane has a practice doing hands on management support to emerging companies. She has started and sold 4 companies and a foundation.  She is also a certified tea professional (level 3).

Even though Jane sold her company, Ducky Life Tea, she still tries every day to live a ducky life!

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