Fun Partner Exercises 


This adds excitement and variety to your exercise program – which we all need from time to time. You can set up a group workout with a friend or team-mate and challenge each other to get stronger together!



Medicine ball ~ V sit with pass and rotation


  • Sit tall knees bent
  • heel on ground
  • both partners recline back slightly
  • maintain position
  • partner with med ball rotates in each direction
  • other partner mirrors the movement
  • returning to starting position then passes the ball
  • partner repeats the sequence rotating once in each direction then pass the ball back
  • keep the core and abdominal muscles engaged prevent any arching in the low back
  • Variation for smaller space, the partner sit side by side and rotate, pass, repeat


Mid Row with Tubing


  • Stand facing your partner feet hip distance apart
  • Arms fully extended
  • Tubing intertwined
  • One handle in each hand  and ,
  • Keep abdominal engaged and back flat,
  • Pushing hips back lower to squat position
  • Maintain this position
  • Slowly pull the tubing with elbows straight back, with palms facing in…
  • Pull squeeze shoulder blades down and back


Lunge with Chest Pass


  • Stand facing partner with feet hip width apart,
  • Starting with the medicine ball at chest level
  • The person with the ball lunges forward and using a chest pass
  • Passes the ball to the partner who is perfuming a backwards lunge
  • As you switch an repeat this exercise remember to initiate the lunge movement by pushing the hips backwards first
  • Before lowering the thigh parallel to the ground
  • As you lunge forward the heel of the front foot should strike the ground first, followed by the rest of the foot


Yoga Tree with Unfixed Support


  • Standing side-by-side arms length apart
  • Both partners extend their inside arm until the fingertips are touching
  • Gazing forward – partners shift the weight unto the inside foot while lifting the opposite foot off the mat
  • Placing their foot on the inside of the standing leg,
  • Using one another for support
  • Partners press the palms together and extend both arms out to shoulder height
  • Continue to maintain balance by grounding down through all four corners of the standing foot
  • There are 3 foot variations for TREE opening the knee to the side
  • The first option is to draw the heel to the inside of the ankle keeping the toes on the ground
  • The second option to draw the foot to inside of the calf, avoiding the knee joint
  • The third option to use the hand as a guide to bring the foot to the inner thigh


Partner Tree can also be performed with Prayer Hands


  • Standing side-by-side shift the weight to the inside foot,
  • open the opposite knee to the side choosing one of the foot variations
  • once situated partners extend their inside arm. up palms to touch
  • The outside hand then draws across the midline of the body,
  • Palms joining, forming prayer hands at center
  • Gaze forward and continue to ground down through all four corners of the standing foot
  • To maintain this pose be mindful of pressing the foot into the standing leg
  • While simultaneously pressing the leg into the foot