By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC

What makes up a healthy back and good posture?


A healthy back and good posture indicate proper alignment of the body’s segments so that the least amount of energy is required to maintain the desired position and you are not fighting gravity too much. The benefit of achieving this healthy back and posture would be that the least amount of stress is placed on the body during regular, routine activities. With a healthy back and good posture, a person can ultimately and optimally attain balance and proportion of his or her body and framework. A healthy back and good posture optimizes breathing and has a positive effect on the circulatory system.


Chronic deviations from a healthy back and good posture with a neutral spine lead to pain and discomfort. Increased stress on your back causes damage to your muscles and bones over time. When the backbone is kept in a poor posture for extended periods of time, it raises the diaphragm, preventing the body from taking a full breath. People who sit for long periods of time on the job are susceptible to some potential pains. It is wise to get up and walk around regularly throughout the day if you have a desk job.


“Neutral spine” is ideally maintained while sitting, standing, and sleeping. That can be achieved through awareness, careful set up of your desk, proper chairs, a balanced exercise and stretching routine and cautious pillow propping with the best silk pillowcase at night.


Your Challenge this week:


Living Fit Lifestyle - Healthy Back and Good PostureIs to observe your posture.

Enlist the assistance of a trusted friend and take a good look at your habits.

What can you do today to support your healthy back and good posture?