Hooping and Hoop Dancing!



Fun playful way to workout which adds variety to your routine ~ bonus! Hooping has been taken to a new level, it will strengthen the core, improve your balance, and is a great aerobic workout when performed for an extended period of time.


Basics if you are new to hooping!



Classes — all over the country & world, find one by going to hooping.org   Locate a class near you by going to choose your city and search.


Most classes are usually an hour long class set up much like a dance/ fitness class with a warmup and workout.



Basic movements include:

  • around the waist,
  • arms, hands, legs


Choosing a hoop


  • size – 38-42″ for most adults
  • types – weighted or not
  • grip tape is best for beginner


The size is determined by your height – should be belly button and slight up, no higher than your chest.


A weighted hoop is best for beginners, they move slower and are easier to maneuver.


To begin


  • move around the body with back and forth movements….
  • Activate the stomach muscles…
  • One footing front of the other rock back and forth.
  • Strive for good posture, lifted arms out and graceful
  • Move with a forward and back motion……


Progressions to master different movements


  • start on waist touching your lower back …
  • wind up with good push rock forward and back
  • you can turn in circles…. same direction of the hoop turning
  • introduce to vortex take it up from waist to up above your head…
  • hooping good way to work out all your arm muscles
  • turn while you return the hoop to your wist… it’s ok if you drop it….
  • hoop on hands with hoop on hand between thumb and fingers….



Hooping is a great easy workout fun, and good for your core and is a full body workout…


You can burn up to 35o calories per hour!


It is a great way to have fun and get your body moving!!