Your Challenge Today:

Rip roaring, deep belly laughs!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



“If love is the treasure,

laughter is the key”

~ Yakov Smirnoff



Laughter is infectious and is far more contagious than any cough or cold. When laughter is shared, it binds people together. Laughter also triggers healthy physical changes in the body, it’s good for your heart and soul.


  • Laughter strengthens your immune system
  • Boost your physical and emotional energy levels
  • Diminishes physical and emotional pain
  • Protects you from the damaging effects of stress
  • Best of all, it’s a priceless medicine that is fun, free, and easy to use.


Laughter is an amazing remedy for stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works quicker to bring your spirit and body back into balance than a good hearty laugh. Good humor and laughter lightens your burdens, connects you to others, and keeps you healthy. And laughter really is contagious—just hearing others laughing your brain is stimulated, you to smile and want to join in the fun. The good feelings that you get when you laugh stay with you long after the laughter subsides.


Shared laughter with your friends and loved ones is one of the most effective tools for keeping relationships fresh and exciting. Emotional sharing builds strong relationship bonds and sharing laughter adds joy to your life. Humor is a powerful and effective mechanism to heal disagreements and hurts. Laughter unites people. Incorporating more humor and play into your life can improve the quality of your love relationships— as well as your family and friends.


Good humor and genuine laughter allow you to:


  • Be more spontaneous and have more fun in the moment!
  • Release inhibitions, let go of your fears and have fun with your peeps!
  • Express your true feelings, it’s really healthy to laugh at yourself and your life.
  • Let go of defensiveness, laughing helps you forget judgments and fears.




How do you celebrate and share your humor and laughter?



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