Your Challenge Today:

Life changing questions

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


If you are going to ask yourself life-changing questions,

be sure to do something with the answers.

~ Bo Bennett



Ask yourself life-changing questions and be willing to do something with the answers ~ be willing to make changes that will enhance your life, that’s what we are all here for!


Changes that will enhance your life ~ are you moving closer to your goals ~ are you committed to doing the work that will ensure your success?


We are all given 1440 minutes a day to invest in any way we choose. Are you ready to be accountable to yourself and your team for your choices?


Using tools to monitor your progress and activities during the game is one way to stay on track. Keeping a food and fitness journal has been long proven to promote progress. A detailed food and fitness journal improves your efficacy and provides motivation. Recording your exercise habits and food consumption contributes to your accountability and regulation. When you review your records, you can evaluate what is working and what isn’t, it’s a great way to navigate the process and ensure your progress.


Keeping thorough records of your fitness activities and food consumption provides valuable feedback for your journey. When you can see in black and white what you are doing and what your results are — you are equipped with the facts — and facts are valuable!


When you are able to ask and answer the questions that are important to your life, fitness and health ~ you are well on your way to the success you seek.


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Is what you are doing today

getting you closer to where you want to go?