Note to self:

Getting ready is the secret of success

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Before everything else,

getting ready is the secret of success.

~Henry Ford



Getting ready is the secret of success!



I have had the privilege of working with many very accomplished individuals and getting to know them in a personal and professional way, I have been able to observe some of their habits. What I have learned is they all have a few things in common that support their ongoing success. The habit that sticks out to me is they all keep a diary, journal, calendar of events to keep them on track. And, they all plan ahead — they set themselves up for success by organizing their priorities. They schedule their workouts and self-care routines. They organize their work schedule to ensure they take the time they need to care for themselves.


In the spirit of learning for others — I encourage you to prepare, plan, and plot ahead, as these are essential elements that contribute to your success in any endeavor that you embark on. Setting yourself up for success is part of the commitment to your health ~ meal planning, grocery shopping, pantry cleaning and food preparation is vital to a successful Living Fit Lifestyle. Understanding the Program Practices, how to create a Living Fit Meal and the daily scoring process will serve as your guiding light in this game.


When you wrap your head around the requirements for a Living Fit Lifestyle it will be much easier for you to support yourself and your team to success. Organize your SMART GOALS, define your plan of action and enlist the assistance of your BFF’s, your tribal counsel, your spiritual board of directors and your team and you will magnify your success.



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