Your Challenge Today:

My whole goal …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


My whole goal is to keep my spirit intact.

If that doesn’t happen, none of this is worth it.

~ Jewel



Keeping my spirit intact is such a valiant goal, to me, it’s the motivating factor behind all choices. My spirit is the essence of my being; my soul is where my gifts are inspired, my vision is where my core values are held.


My whole goal is to take care of myself, remain true to myself and honor my core values. As I make self-care a priority in my life, I am better able to be of service to those I love. My well-being is essential to my ability to be accessible to others in a meaningful way. Don’t get me wrong — there are absolutely times in life where we all have to put ourselves in the background while helping others, like when we have a sick child at home or an aging parent in need. It’s a balancing act that requires some level of thought and consideration to all parties involved, especially prioritizing the urgency of immediate needs.


What I have found in my own life is that a bit of troubleshooting and forecasting goes a long way in the prevention of chaos. You know how you can get your panties ruffled when you are running behind schedule? You are late for work, late with the kids to school, you still need to walk the dog, your BFF is crying and needs to talk, AND you must take care of your own personal needs — you can get so wound up you just want to scream?


Most of that stress can be mitigated by planning — setting yourself up for success by planning ahead. Set that alarm clock to get up with enough time to manage the logistics of your morning. Be realistic about your needs and wants — invest a little time in planning, strategizing your schedule for maximum efficiency.


Get help when and where you need it most, hire a dog walker, get your kids in a carpool, set the breakfast table the night before you go to bed, fix your brown bag lunches ahead so they are ready to go in the morning when time is of the essence, get your clothes organized the night before so the morning is easy and schedule time to take care of yourself in this scenario, when you are at YOUR best, you will be better able to help those in need.


When you invest the time in defining your own needs you have a much greater opportunity to keep your spirit intact, you are equipped with skills necessary to manage the logistics of your life that keep you centered, balanced and able to shine your light on the world you live in. You are your most valuable asset and taking care of your personal needs is essential to keep your spirit intact.


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