Your Challenge Today:

Promises and Hopes

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Unless commitment is made,

there are only promises and hopes…

but no plans.

~ Peter Drucker



A goal without a plan is just a wish, and so it is true of any project without a commitment. Promises and hopes are a good beginning point, and they must be followed up with a commitment, plans, and action to be realized and achieved.


Let’s say you are engaged in a conversation with your spouse about vacation planning, and you throw out the idea of creating a travel wish list, a great place to begin. Step one complete …. we have a list of options, wishes, and desires. Now, we have to move to step 2 – doing the research, asking questions, reading, consulting travel agents, looking at the work schedule, pinning down the best time for travel to each place and the best time to travel taking into consideration work commitments. Great, step 2 complete! Now, we are moving to step 3 – researching the necessary travel requirements, flights, hotels, visas, activities, etc.


OK, we have collected a host of necessary information to ensure that we can efficiently plan, now it’s time to commit ~ are you ready? My mom would say ~ put your money where your mouth is and put up or shut up. Promises are empty without commitment and action. It doesn’t matter what the agreement is about; it matters how you follow up the contract, what comes next?


  • Where are you with your commitments?


  • How are you doing with your Living Fit Lifestyle?


  • What’s happening with your current 28-day challenge goals?



How do you support yourself or sabotage yourself with your actions?



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