Your Challenge Today:

No substitute, no shortcuts, no quick fixes.

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


There is no substitute for hard work.

~ Thomas A. Edison



I know, it’s tedious ~ hard work, why does it have to be so hard? Why is it so much work to feel good, look good and stay healthy?


Well, I think it’s a matter of perspective, it is hard work ~ right?


We have to make ways to put physical activity back into our lives because we no longer have the active home life that we used to before we began to work in offices, sit on our butts, work on computers and eat fast food.


Here’s another perspective:


We can embrace the challenge of finding fun activities to move our bodies and fun foods to cook, or we can remain in our out-dated lifestyle, neglect our bodies and suffer the consequences. Which would you have instead, fun moving, playing and exercising or a neglected, stiff, sore, uncomfortable body that is expanding in girth?


We, as a culture, had had some growing pains over the years when our lifestyles changed and women began to work outside the home. We became two-income households and the general housekeeping, homemaking efforts women traditionally contributed to their families, went by the wayside. Routines shuffled out of necessity, and unfortunately, the changes were not ideal for our health. We didn’t know at the time that the shifts in our dietary habits would have such an adverse effect on our health as a society or we would be here today trying to an untangled mess of our lifestyle habits.


Never fear, help is here! You are on your way to revitalizing your body and lifestyle. Each time you choose to move, exercise, drink water, eat organic and sleep deeply ~ you are supporting your wellbeing. You are earning your body; you are affirming your commitment to living a life of vigor, spunk, and plenty. Every step you take toward clean eating, sensible movement and a more balanced lifestyle you are being the change you wish to see in the world, setting the example for others and making this world a healthier, happier place.



How are you earning your body today?


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