Wall Sit Challenge:

Get your timer out — find your wall — and get to it!

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Wall Sit — this is an excellent exercise that you can do anywhere you have a flat surface to press your back into.  It is great for your thighs and safe for your knees



This is an easy challenge which you can do while watching TV commercials, brushing your teeth, talking on the phone or riding in an elevator; it only takes a couple of minutes and is really easy to do.


Doing wall sits…


    • Strengthens the muscles in your legs, primarily your quadriceps which helps stabilize your knees.


    • It allows you to stay in the ready position longer which makes you that much of a better player for your sport!


    • They also help your muscles strengthen which will make you be able to jump higher, better for your sport!


    • To vary what muscles you work, place a ball between your knees, squeeze and hold it for adductor activation ~ working your inner thighs.


    • Take a strap or belt and wrap it around your thighs just above the knee, press against the strap to activate your abductor muscles ~ outer thighs.


    • To add intensity, use weights or add to the amount of time you stay seated.



Make Sure:


    • Press your back firmly up against the wall – support your spine


    • Use your abdominal muscles to protect your back


    • Slide down only as far as you are comfortable with — don’t hurt your knees


    • Do not go deeper than a right angle and make sure that your feet are far
      enough away to keep the right angle


    • Your thighs will scream — and shake — unless you are already a pro at this!


    • Stay for as long as you can safely — time it


  • And, repeat daily — see how long you can hold it



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