Weekly Challenge:

The will to win …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


What does it take to be a champion?

Desire, dedication, determination, concentration

and the will to win.

~ Patty Berg



The will to win is the beginning of your success ~ you have to really want to win! Your desire to change and to win has to be greater than your desire to stay the same.


Anytime you want to win anything ~ it means that you ultimately want to change! To be a winner is to be better today that you were yesterday, to go further, to work smarter, to believe in your ability and to be willing to make it happen. We are given 24 hours everyday ~ 1440 minutes to invest our energy and emotion into creating change and winning. We can approach our goals each day with beginner’s mind, a new attitude and rewrite our chapter.


I believe that we need a success ritual to reinforce our desire for change ~


  • Write out your goals first: write out the goals in positive, affirmative language as if you have already achieved your goal. Feel the feelings of having achieved your goal, how will your life be different, improved, how is your will to win motivating your success?


  • Think through the goal: what do you need to do that make the goal a reality? What tasks will you have to complete to ensure your success? When do you need to accomplish each task? How do these new activities fit into your current schedule? What needs to change to make room in your life for your tasks? Plot out the necessary steps involved to create your roadmap to success? Remember to remain flexible in your approach!


  • Share your goals and tasks: with your peeps, your team and your close support system. Declare your goals to the universe and your team so that you can be held accountable to your goals and get support when you need it.


  • Review your goals and tasks daily: review your task list and adjust your course of action as necessary. Use your time each day to review, revise and renew your goals as you move forward and learn more.


  • Keep a success journal: take notes on your journey, keep track of your meals, exercise, water, sleep, communication, and gratitudes. As you track your journey, you are collecting data that will help you with your navigation. Do you need to make adjustments in your plan? Have you uncovered a need that you were not previously aware of?


  • Create a ritual of reviewing your goals several times each day. This will ensure that you stay focused on your goals and tasks, you will be reminded of necessary actions you need to take.


If you are going back to school for career development you will need to review your assignments to ensure their completion. If you are training for an adventure vacation, you will need a specialized fitness training program to ensure your success. If you are doing home renovations, you will need to consult with an architect, a general contractor and designer to ensure your success. Whatever you have listed on your SMART GOALS ~ having a success ritual that you are fulfilling daily, you are reinforcing your commitment to be a champion and your Living Fit Lifestyle!



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