Your Challenge Today:

 Well-being is a combination …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Well-being cannot exist just in your own head.

Well-being is a combination of feeling good

as well as actually having meaning,

good relationships and accomplishment.

~ Martin Seligman



Well-being is defined by — the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.


Well-being is a combination of:


  • Feeling good inside your own skin and head
  • Having meaning in your life and work
  • Healthy relationships in your life
  • Sense of accomplishment!


This game is all about boosting your well-being by solidifying your Living Fit Lifestyle. Your personal and professional accomplishments are built upon a steady commitment, consistent action and a decision to try. We never really know what we can accomplish until we give it a try! Everyday we wake up in the morning we are given another 24 hours, another 1440 minutes to invest in our lives and work toward our SMART GOALS to ensure our ability to accomplish our burning desires. Our well-being is enhanced with every committed action we take toward our goals.


When our lives are full of meaning and purpose, our personal and professional relationships are healthy and flourishing, and when we are really feeing good about our lives ~ we are putting ourself into the place of the most potential to achieve our goals. Every accomplishment that we embark on does indeed begin with a decision to try. Our well-being cannot exist just in our head. We have to look at the big picture of our life, take it all in … what do we have and what do we want? What do we need to do differently to accomplish our goals? What do we need to let go of, keep and / or adjust to ensure our personal success?


Well-being is a combination of all aspects of our life. Creating balance within our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives is an essential to enhance our sense of success, accomplishment and well-being.



What are you committed to today?



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