By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


How about a sanctioned goodie that is savory, crunchy and delicious?


If you like chips — this is a great way to enjoy some familiar crunch and stay on track with the program! You can use any vegetable that you like, my favorite is zucchini — so that’s what we have here.  You can dress them up and season them any way that you like, I like spicy!



You will get approximately 50 slices from one zucchini — which is a whole tray on the dehydrator. If you have a large family or are having a party, I suggest you think about 10-12 zucchini for a group. There is quite a bit of shrinkage as the water is dried out of the zucchini. However the end result is wonderful — especially if your love chips and good old fashioned potato chips are not on the plan. Too much unhealthy fat and too many carbs, nothing good about that for your health.


You can do these in the oven — it will be much like the meringues. I recommend experimenting with leaving them in the oven on low 180• all day and see how long it takes — it might work well overnight too. Once you get a handle on the time working in an oven, you will know if you can do it overnight.


I use a dehydrator because it makes sense to set up a bunch of trays and keep it out of the oven. I like to have my oven available for baking and it works for me to multi-task when I am cooking. Crock pots, dehydrator, toaster ovens, whatever I can do to simplify and multiply my cooking so that I can make more and freeze is the way I like to go.  It’s more work up front but really helps when those times come that I am too busy or too tired to cook — I can always find healthy food in my freezer.