My Challenge Today:

Motivated and empowered …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Men are motivated and empowered

when they feel needed.

Women are motivated and empowered

when they feel cherished.

~ John Gray



Motivated and empowered


… with a motive for doing something …  what are you motivated to do?

… the authority or power to do something … what power do you exercise in your life?

… stronger and more confident, especially in controlling life and claiming rights … where are you stronger, more confident?



When do you feel motivated and empowered the most? Is it when you are being cherished, appreciated and needed? I certainly do, I get a real kick out of helping others, it’s a feeling that gives me jazz and juice. When I have that moment where a friend or client has the ah ha and we together have found a key that will change their life, it’s the best feeling for me that reinforces why I do what I do.


And, I have to admit that there are times when I have to be reminded that I am ultimately responsible for taking care of myself too and cherishing me ~ after all, if I don’t cherish myself, how can I expect anyone else to? Really, it is completely up to me (and you) to take care of myself. We all need to love and appreciate ourself first and foremost ~ please, not in a narcissistic way, in a wholesome, truthful, honoring way. When I am calm, centered and in alignment with my purpose ~ I am completely able to cherish myself and my life, this enables me to make better choices in my life.


It never fails for me ~ during those times when I am frantic, frustrated and not mindful ~ I am not organized enough to get my work completed, get in my workout and eat healthy, something always suffers and it’s usually me! I am human, I have those times and they are very real ~ and usually not supportive of my goals. I find I get more into a defeatist attitude instead of a possibility attitude … and when the dust settles, I realize I got lost in the chaos.


The best way I have found to keep myself motivated and empowered is to keep up with my SMART GOALS, my DAILY GRATITUDES and keep in COMMUNICATION with my team – when I do this, I am cherishing myself! It is vitally important to empower myself and my goals by staying in communication with my community of friends, family and team — keeping the lines of communication open for giving and receiving support. We can really help each other stay on course and build the life and body of our dreams!!



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