Your Challenge Today:

Integrity means that you are the same …

By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC


Integrity means that you are the same

in public as you are in private.

~ Joyce Meyer



Integrity is the state of being whole and undivided ~ the same in public as you are in private. The things we choose to do at home is what I think of as private, personal and nobody’s business but my own. That doesn’t mean that I become a different person when I walk into my home. I don’t drop my values and ideals just because I am at home, in private. I still like to eat healthily, drink lots of water, sleep regular hours and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


I like food, have you noticed? I have always wanted food; I love the smell, the shopping, chopping, cooking, and eating! I like all kinds of food and most foods with a lot of flavors which is why I learned to cook. I wanted to be able to eat great tasting food that had lots of flavors and could still support my Living Fit Lifestyle goals. I have been accused of being a ‘closet eater’ which I always thought was funny because I am pretty up-front about what I eat.


I realize that people have their ideas of what is considered ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ and most people think that ‘skinny’ is healthy and fit. I am not skinny; I am muscular, I am a mesomorph! I can be lean or leaner at times so that I appear ‘thinner,.” but I will never be ‘skin.’  And, since I am not a picture of the typical skinny trainer, some people think I am a closet eater. That’s OK, I know the truth ~ I like to eat, and I have to manage my food and eating habits just like everybody else. I have to think about what I am eating and how much of it or I gain weight ~ for me it’s mostly about portion control.


There are times in my life when stress is higher than I like and that’s usually when the food plan and Living Fit Lifestyle become tested.  When the bucket gets too full, and the demands of life are pulling me in too many directions, I am inclined to look for natural ways to de-stress and lower the requirements. This is when ordering in and eating out are desirable options for making life more comfortable, which is excellent in theory. The challenge comes in when I am feeling so overwhelmed that I just want comfort and traditional comfort food comes at a price. The price we pay for that convenience and de-stressing is ultimately more stress on the body in the form of poor food choices, too often and too much of it. These are all considered ‘normal’ responses to stress; a little comfort goes a long way.


During these times of stress is precisely when we need to reach out to our team members and support system. We need to remind ourselves why we are engaged in pursuing a Living Fit Lifestyle, why we set SMART GOALS and what we want to realize as a result of achieving our goals. We have built in ‘meals off’ plan to allow for times when we want to have a little something, something to circumvent the possibility of jumping ship completely and throwing in the towel. This is when it’s vitally important that we, you and I have to remember what we want ~ and how we are going to support our health vision.



How do you support your

SMART GOALS with your integrity?


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