Your Challenge Today:


By Bernadette Kathryn, LMT, IHLC



Start where you are…

Use what you have … Do what you can…

~ Arthur Ashe



Get your team together, a group of 2-6 players make a team. This can be any combination of friends, family, neighbors, co-workers that want to play, get fit, and have fun! This is a game of social wellness, responsible dieting, and community support! Playing together with your friends, family and neighbors brings the concept of a Living Fit Lifestyle into a social activity that becomes a sustainable lifestyle instead of a solitary chore.


You may either:

  • A– create your own team and get into the game!
  • B – join an existing team with a friend that is already playing!
  • C – ask HQ to place you on a team and meet some new friends!

Make sure all team members are signed up on the site to ensure they receive the daily inspiration and challenges! It’s quick, easy and secure.


Download copies of all the Guidelines for the Game and the Game Forms. Once you fully understand the Guidelines of the Game, you will be better able to support your goals and your teammates to victory!


To better understand the Guidelines and objectives of the Game read our FAQ’s and contact HQ if you have any further questions.


Choose a team-captain to report your scores each week and make sure you understand the scoring process.


Start to think about your Living Fit Lifestyle Goals ~

  • We will be working on a 12 week SMARTER GOALS system.
  • Begin to put your goals into positive, current, “I am” language.
  • Pick 3 goals for the 10 week period, anything related to your lifestyle.
  • Body, Mind, Spirit, Home, Love, Work, Money, Community, Education
  • These are the 9 areas your Total Health that we will be addressing during this game.


Check the reality of your schedule, make time for Exercise ~ 6 x week, 30 minutes.


  • This does not mean that you need to run a marathon
  • Or do an Iron Man Tri-athlon
  • This does mean that you need to get moving
  • Do something physical, whatever you like!
  • Run, walk, dance, zumba, hip-hop, hoola-hoop, cross-fit, body pump, tennis, swim, weights
  • GET MOVING, plan some activities that you can realistically accomplish


Set up a time and system to communicate with your team daily, sign-up on Facebook if you are not already a member (optional) so that you can communicate with all the teams during this game …. social fitness is much more fun than a solitary chore!